Charity Rating

Greater involvement in non-profit organizations creates increased resources. We at Charity Rating believe that involvement stems from knowledge and that increased resources help organizations fulfil their goal – to give help – more effectively.

We all know the important role non-profit organizations play in today's society. Our mission is to make information about non-profit organizations more easily available for you - whether you want to give your time and/or your money and so you can become more involved.

On our website you'll find our guide with information about, at present, about 60 Swedish non-profit organizations. You can find everything from financial information to the organisations goals and visions. You can also find reports and analyses about relevant non-profit activities. Our aim is that you can find the organisation that's right for your commitment.

About Charity Rating
Charity Rating was founded in 2005 by our promoters and our Chairman, Mikael Ahlström. Mikael is the founding partner of venture capital company Procuritas Partners, and has long been a committed donor. We are a non-profit organisation that is politically, religiously and financially independent. We are also neither bound to other non-profit organizations, the FRII or the SFI. We are the donors' organization.

The idea for Charity Rating came about when Mikael Ahlström began to think about what information he and other donors had access to in terms of the non-profit sector and what information he actually required.

Donations from private individuals account for a significant proportion of the more than 11 billion SEK which is funding non-profit organizations, but how do you as a donor know who to support? It may be difficult to determine how well an organization works, and what the impact of a donors' contributions may be. This is where Charity Rating comes into the picture.

A greater need for information
Research has demonstrated a greater need for information about non-profit organizations activities to enhance trust between donors and organizations. Donors would like to know more about how the money is used and say they would be willing to donate more money if such information is made available.

The rest of the world
We have examined similar operations in Europe and the U.S. (where there are several) and found that the services listed range from a financial focus in the United States to more qualitative studies in the European countries. These studies have presented us with a choice of methods and has led to the development of Charity Rating ranging from the dissemination of information through to the analysis of feedback.

If you want to know more about us and what we do, don't hesitate to contact us.