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Increasing engagement in the nonprofit sector through knowledge and analysis

Charity Rating reviews and analyzes individual nonprofit organizations or various sectors to provide our members and donors with relevant and independent information.

We can assist in clearing up uncertainties before you get involved with a nonprofit organization. We receive requests from our members to identify nonprofit work in specific areas, such as doing a comparison between various environmental organizations or a survey of nonprofits that work with homelessness. We present simple guides to assist donors as they make decisions about giving around the holidays or during times of disaster. Past examples include giving guides to help the victims in Burma, Haiti, and Pakistan.

All of our public reports, guides, and analysis are regularly published on our website. Additional information can also be found in the analysis tab in our Giving Guide.

Customized analysis

We offer customized reports to assist you in finding and reviewing nonprofit organizations or other relief efforts. We design the analysis based on you or your company's preferences and present the results in a way that will be most beneficial to you. We also offer ongoing monitoring and verification of results with the recommendations that we make.

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