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The greater our numbers, the stronger our voice

Charity Rating is the donors' association. We are a nonprofit membership association that encourages everyone who is interested in better effectiveness and accountability in the nonprofit sector to join. Our mission, on behalf of our members and the public, is to examine the work and impact of nonprofit organizations.

Knowledge and power

It does not cost much to become a member of Charity Rating, but your involvement is extremely valuable to us. The more members that join, the stronger our voice and the greater chance we have to make an impact and to serve you and other donors with relevant information on the nonprofit sector.

Charity Rating members help guide our activities. It is from our members' requests and input that we undertake new reviews, comparisons, analysis, and giving guides. As a member you also get access to a wide range of benefits that you can read about here.

Please join us today!

Whether you are a large or small donor, your support is equally important to us. We keep our membership fees to a minimum to encourage involvement from all types of donors. As an inidividual member, you decide your own membership fee. Please complete the form below and put your chosen amount into our bank account (5798-9980) and we will respond to your application immediately. Please do not forget to indicate your payment with your name.

Corporations and foundations pay 1000 SEK per year as membership dues. Please complete the form below and we will send an invoice to your business address.

We welcome your membership!

When you apply for membership, you agree to Charity Rating's stadgar.

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Brahegatan 30, 7 tr, 114 37 Stockholm


Organisationsnummer: 802430-8788
Bankgiro: 5798-9980

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