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The Donors' Association - Your guide to meaningful giving

The need for help is growing - but so is people's willingness to help. It is particularly noticeable in the increasing number of nonprofit organizations. Today there are over one million active aid organizations around the world. For donors who want to contribute, the choices can be daunting. Charity Rating can help.

An independent advisor and source of information

Charity Rating is the donors' association. Our mission is to examine how nonprofit organizations work and how donations are utilized. To succeed we must be impartial and independent of the industry that we examine. Therefore, Charity Rating is a nonprofit member association that encourages all those interested in greater transparency in the nonprofit sector to join.

The development of the nonprofit sector

Our goal is to increase philanthropy. Through information, advice, and other relevant tools, we help individuals, businesses, and foundations to make informed choices in their giving. Since Charity Rating began in 2005 we have collected information on hundreds of Swedish nonprofit organizations in our database. It should be easy to compare and select the organization that best meets your philanthropic goals.

Nonprofit organizations with a focus on outcomes

Thanks to a clear focus on efficiency we help to create conditions for the professionalization of the nonprofit sector, which ultimately leads to a greater societal impact. And we see clear results from our efforts –  we are making it both easier and more fun to develop sustainable and long-term moral commitments.

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